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To facilitate the search of the routes according to the difficulty or length that we want, there are 4 different levels of complication. Click on the one that interests you:

* Route easy for families. Walk of short length, relatively flat, well marked and easy to carry out for any one even though not used to do excursions at the mountain.

** Route medium for the hiker. Normally it will be longer than the first one, with more inclined slopes and usually even though without greats difficulties of guiding, we will have to find the way. They are suitable for any hiker who has done some excursion on high mountain.
*** Route difficult for the mountaineer. In this section we find different difficulties detailed in each route: length of the route, difficulty of guiding, some step of easy climb, air routes or with a certain risk. They are suitable for people used to walk through the Pyrenean mountain.
**** Route very difficult for the Pyrenean. They are routes that offered us difficulties of snow, ice or constants climbs, so it will be useful to take a rope. We are at the barrier between the high mountain and the climbing, so to set off on these tours is advisable to have done some previously climbing.