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Updated on 9 November 2008

At that time the shelter opens only with reservations and that is why if you want to come it is advisable to contact with the guards

Down from the shelter of Certascan 9-11-08 David and Susanna

Pic de Sotllo

Access: From Tavascan can climb into the vehicle to track 6 km. To take Montalto. Here a string step size vehicles.

  • Hence, perhaps we can climb up to 4x4 in 40 minutes of the refuge, contact the TNO. 691.87.21.20
  • We can also climb on foot following Route 1 to the track or better to follow the path of 2 by Llurri, in both cases in 3 hours away.

Suggest: It's best to bid on the route 2, since the lakes are not yet glaçats.
It is very interesting for the Canalada rising through the refuge and the next day boarded the peak Flamisella to get off at the source of the Coast and Quanca routes 7 and 8. The simplest is that we bring to taxi to the taking of Montalto. For a minimum of 5 or 6 would take us to 10 euros per person (Taxis Pey 615.59.51.56) and if we want to go back to grades, $ 5 more.

Situation in the area: On the trail of Certascan we can put on your skis or snowshoes until approximately 1 km., Before reaching Canalada.
Above the refuge htrobem an excellent quality of snow by the time (not Blowing dust and Icy).
You can take all routes smoothly over 2,000 meters.

Thickness of snow: 1 to 1.5 meters in the refuge to 2,240 meters

Information provided by Dani and Susanna

Avalanche bulletin of the SMC

Risk of avalanches of Meteo France

Weather forecast and the web page of Ramón Baylina of the observatory of Sort

The offered information in the last update does not presuppose the conditions that we could find in the followings days, as this depends of the meteorology and in high mountain there can be sudden changes of weather.