Refugi de Certascan Refugio de Certascan Shelter of Certascan

Refuge of Certascan

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On horseback of the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees in the Pallars Sobirà in Catalonia and the Parc natural of the Pyrénées Ariégeoises in France these two journeys take place that unite shelters of Graus, Certascan refuge, Pinet refuge and Vallferrera refuge and take us through landscapes and surprising and wild nature.

The heaven's Door

The route of the circuit takes us to the highest peak in Catalonia, the Pica d'Estats of 3.143 m and the Pic de Certascan of 2853 m. The route also passes through the largest glacial lake in the Pyrenees, the Certascan lake (next to the Certascan refuge) and others that compete in beauty such as the Blaus lakes (blue lakes), the lakes of Romedo, the Estats, Sotllo, Baborte, etc. The sky, the clouds, its reflection in the lakes and the snow that we can find in some section until August, give us the sensation of taking the road to the door of heaven.

Mountains of Liberty

In this trekking we do not speak only of nature, since these roads are carved by man throughout history. The Jews in their escape from the Nazi holocaust, the Francoists and the Spanish Republicans. A dramatic and human story that in many cases also freed them from death in their flight to Life.

We will marvel at what is probably the most beautiful waterfall in the Pyrenees, the Ars waterfall surrounded by impressive thick forests of beech and fir trees in surprising valleys. The roof of this crossing is the Pico de Certascan of 2853 m (next to the Certascan refuge) and we will surround many lakes of great beauty such as the estanys Blaus (blue lakes), the Estany de Romedo, Senó, Colatx, Guilò, el de l'Illa, Touetas, etc.

Refuge of Certascan

The refuge of Certascan is an essential support for the realization of these 2 crossings and

Located next to the lake of Certascan, which is the largest natural lake in the Pyrenees in the Pallars Sobirà region, in Catalonia and within the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees. The peak of Certascan is the culminating summit of this area of Certascan refuge.


The carrying-out of these routes can involve some risks and difficulties that each person has to assess according to their experience, exempting from responsibility the promoters of these. The schedules, difficulties and tracks, are only a guidance tool. If you doubt, is better that you get carried away by a mountain guide.