Camping bordes Graus

Refuge Certascan

Gîte Le Presbytére

Gîte l'Escolan

The trek connects four refuges and shelters (gîtes): Camping Bordes Graus, Refuge Certascan, Gîte Le Presbytère in Aulus, Gîte l'Escolan in Bidous.

The only shelter which is not accessible by car is refuge Certascan. To reach this refuge, a 3 hours walk has to be considered (or 45 minutes depending on the starting point).

There is no fixed starting point so you can choose your starting point you selves. If you start the trek in Catalonia, you can start from Camping Bordes Graus. If you start in France, you can start your trek from gîte l'Escolan in Bidous (Ustou) or from gîte Presbytère in Aulus les Bains.


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